Sound + Consciousness: The Soundscaped Cocoon

Storefront Lab, San Francisco, 2016

Through experiences and objects, Sound+Consciousness is a foray into the influence of sound on the mind. In its first installation, The Soundscaped Cocoon, guests were led on introspective journeys by an array of soundscapes; from sound healing sessions and ambient musicians to field recordings and performance art.

Merging performance with audience participation and traditional sculpture, The Soundscaped Cocoon sought to create a different type of artistic gathering. Inviting guests to leave the role of a static viewer and merge with their environment, experience design became a medium, with public engagement and programming playing a large role in the installation.

Exhibited as part of the The Unknown, The Unknowable, The Future, StoreFrontLab's 2015-2016 exhibition series, investigating the underlying doctrines that guide and motivate us as we design cities, advance medicine, and create art. In collaboration with Colin Wang, Laura Cohen, Maricarmen Sierra (SierrayMar) and Anneli Virkhaus.

“Being inside the cocoon was like being inside the 3D equivalent of a blank canvas....I was ready to receive and fully immerse myself in any sensory experience. Once the sound journeys started I felt completely transported! After being overwhelmed by multi sensory VR inputs at SXSW, it was such a joy to have a deeper experience relying on the single input of sound.”

“Sitting in the cocoon, with 8 other strangers, you could feel the walls of our daily lives come down and instead, a truthful loveliness collectively emerge. The curated soundscape took me far into myself and expansively out.”

“Being in the cocoon allowed me to watch the fibonacci sequence unfold upon my senses - space, sound, mindful intention coming together in leaps of deep feeling and whimsy”