Traveling By Water

B4BEL4B, Oakland, 2018

An installation in conversation with Mazen, Remi Alkhiami, Somar Krekar, and Yaman Albaker, four individuals from Syria now living in Germany, discussing the conflation of identity the term refugee brings. An eighteen minute video, they discuss their passions, creative practices and aspirations, as counter narratives to the images often depicted of refugees in the media. Being neither helpless or extractive, they are passionate and driven, loving Syria and mourning it's loss, but also curious about the new world they now live in and the opportunities it brings for their practices and self expression.

Installation media included a projector projecting onto water, subwoofer for low frequency oscillation of the water, and proximity sensor actuating the speaker. Sculpture, electronics, filming and editing of full video by Joty Dhaliwal. Participation and coordination conducted by Somar Krekar and conversations conducted by Somar Krekar and Remi Alkhiami. Filming and editing of installation video to the right by Noah Hussin.